Zenizen - Es Is (single)


Brooklyn based band Zenizen is one of our favorites and their new single is here!

Es Is is a tumbling summer ode to the forever dance of ambition & depression. Es Is is not comme ci comme ca but both here and there. Es Is is the extremes that constantly pull to keep you suspended in your ether. Wanting to be everywhere and nowhere; hoping and dreading; action and inaction. There is a kind of person who we collectively admire who knows what they need to do and does it. How do they do that? How do they create so much, do so much, feel so much? Everyone is stretched to anxiety trying to maintain but the goal is still out of reach. Is that aspirational? 

Es Is is you before you tried and you after you succeeded--or didn't.

Es Is is even if you ever thought about it. 

Es Is is even if you haven't. 

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