Uno Hype - "Pot Of Gold"

Take a listen to Maryland rapper Uno Hype's new single "Pot Of Gold”.


DC native Uno Hype, mostly known for his work with alternative hip hop/rock band GUMP, returns with a brand new single above, following his recent comeback single "Untitled"

The second single from Hype is a story which details failed friendships and outgrowing people in search of wealth. Featuring sweet saxophone notes, a ticking hi-hat and woozy synth lines, "Pot Of Gold" is an honest display of what happens to people when money becomes a priority in their lives. The result according to the Maryland rapper is somebody who ends up acting out of character, in ways which end up deceitful and cowardly. The soulful instrumentation put together by Kojo and Nicky Quinn, provides a steady knock but gleams with a very jazz-like warmth, which allows for an honest tale of events to the listener, something that is often welcomed by fans of Hype, an artist who simply wears his heart on his sleeve.

kylah benes-trapp