UnFIT: Reimagining Acceptance


The UNFit Visibility Project Mission

Exploring identity and sexuality of people of color using clothing items typically portraying black and brown people as thugs, "urban", "ghetto" or "hood." By intentionally using bright colors and sizes that are three to five times larger than the model, you cannot ignore them, and you are forced to visually engage and accept their existence. The clothing is a collaboration between Elise Drake (Nashville-based sculptor/artist and advocate), Anna Raben (Bay Area prop stylist and crochet artist), and Jillian Knox (San Francisco-based stylist and art director). The hope is to challenge and destroy negative visuals of black and brown people and reintroduce positive and powerful images for a brighter future.



Producer: Nicole Cornick @niico_label

Photography: Karen Santos @karen__santos

H/MUA: Amy Galibut @amygalibut

Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Jillian Knox @jjoules

Accessories Designer: Elise Drake @elisedrake

Crochet Artist: Anna Raben @goldenouterspaceparadise

Model: Alexis Conway @alexisosway

Model: Javion Robinson @javionrob (@frankmodelmanagement)

Wardrobe Credits:

Underwear: 2Xist & Calvin Klein

Roller Skates: Riedell

White athletic slides: DC Footwear

Leather pants: Vintage Deadstock

kylah benes-trapp