LISTEN: Siena Liggins - Flowerbomb

New music out of Detroit's LGBT scene!

Photos by Dionta Jones  @diontajones   x  @passionxmgmt  + Artwork by Shack |  @goodpals

Photos by Dionta Jones @diontajones  x @passionxmgmt + Artwork by Shack | @goodpals

Pop artist Siena Liggins is determined to steal your wife with her anticipated debut single “Flowerbomb.” A military brat turned singer/songwriter, Liggins has been an anchor at Detroit’s indie development hub, Assemble Sound, where she has been writing alongside emerging pop acts Flint Eastwood, Sam Austins, Tunde Olaniran, and Nydge, among others.

As she launches her own career as an artist, Liggins is adamant about boosting the already rising voice of “girls who like girls” with a queer sound and style, starting with this racy summer single, Flowerbomb.

Listen below!


“I wanted to write a song that encapsulated the high feelings of sex with someone untouchable because girls like to have sex, too, and sometimes it’s just a beautiful mess. For me, the best connections are the ones where you remember every detail; the way her hair fell, what perfume she was wearing, when she left...and when she came back.” - Siena 

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