#SEVENTY: A Vision from the mind of Geordan Briscoe


Take a look at the seventies-inspired photo shoot, #SEVENTY by Photographer Geordan Briscoe.

"The mission for SEVENTY was to show the ways in which black people have remained fashionable, graceful and unified even in times of oppression. i used my friends as canvases in order to channel the resilient spirits of our elders and ancestors. i referenced advertisements and images from the 70’s to help the viewer make the connection to things they were somewhat familiar with. in preparing for this project, i did intensive research which included the viewing of films such as “Wattstax” and “The Black Power Mixtape” for everyday style references. i didn’t want my subjects to look like they were going to a seventies-themed party. i wanted them to look like they literally stepped out of the 70’s. " 


@kyalou(photo), @akeemofearth (video), @detrondetron + @l0wqiqi (styling), @charisseford_ (hair) and @elysethoms(makeup)

kylah benes-trapp