NYALLAH - Reflections EP

Back after the release of her single ‘Growing Pains’, listen to LA-based artist NYALLAH’s debut EP, “Reflections” on all streaming platforms.

Reflecting on your progress and viewing it as growth is all a part of the journey. Take a close listen to this restorative EP as she gives the reassurance you just might be in need of.

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Reflections EP

Written + Performed: NYALLAH

Produced/Recorded/Mixed: alecBe

Mastered: Joey Messina-Doerning

Keys: Alexis Angulo, Jake Augustine

Bass: Sandonica Mwangi, Josh Turner

Guitar: Enzo Iannello

Drums: Devan Monroe


Cover Art by Rukundo

Photography by Ozodi Onyeabor

Styling + Wardrobe by Joni Margaux

Thumbnail Photo

Photography by Amina El Kabbany

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