NYALLAH - growing pains


Growing pains is an upbeat, groovy track written and performed by new LA-based artist NYALLAH. The vocalist advises her listeners to let go of the past and welcome the growth from past experiences instead. NYALLAH floats over hard-hitting drums and a laid-back, funky bass line as the sultry songstress asks “why repeat the steps that lead to pain?” when you know of a better way out the situation.

Produced by fellow LA native alecBe, the song is the first of many off her debut EP, titled Reflections, scheduled for release in December.

Check out growing pains, available everywhere!

Nyallah gives us the reassurance in her home-hitting lyrics that the pain we feel throughout growth heals us over time. These words carry weight with her harmonizing vocals and choice in tempos to reveal a new found peace for positive change in a common lifecycle that may seem neverending yet accessible. We look forward to hearing her upcoming album set to release in December to unfold more lyrical messages to relate to.  - Noel Spiva

Photography by Ozodi Onyeabor | Styling + Wardrobe by Joni Margaux

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