Nicole Musoni - Die With Me (Prod by. KAYTRANADA)


Meet Rwanda born-Canada based, R&B singer-songwriter Nicole Musoni. Having settled In Montreal, Musoni developed an ability to sing in both English and French. Releasing music to a local audience at first, she developed a loyal fanbase through covers such as Childish Gambino's "Redbone" and Post Malone's "Rockstar", shot in the style of original music videos. Soon, fans started asking Musoni for new music after the release of her video "Runaway Love". And so an EP was announced!


Now Nicole has released "Die With Me", produced by Kaytranada. The song is a tale of taking a gamble in life, dropping everything in pursuit of something greater and more fulfilling. After being awarded a grant from Canada's FACTOR, she teamed up with Telescope Film to create a visual set in a motel in the rural suburbs of Montreal. Directed by Christophe Chamberland, the video was shot in part digital and part VHS, full of sombre cuts, vintage style imagery and cryptic symbolism.

Following the video, Nicole is expected to release a documentary, which has been in the works for four years. Shot back home in Rwanda, the documentary explores who she is an artist, her Rwandan heritage, family life, music and what's next for the Montreal sweetheart.

Her EP, 7teen, is expected to arrive in February, with production credits including Kaytranada, Arms & Sleepers, Eifkeyz and more. Watch the visual below!

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