Nanna.B - ingenting:n0thing

LA-based Danish singer, songwriter and producer Nanna.B flows effortlessly between English and Danish on her new track, ingenting:n0thing. Over the self-produced lush beat, Nanna.B is soulfully telling the story of a lover that keeps coming back only to leave her again, proclaiming she reached a point of not caring and that it's "Nothing, if it ain't loving", leaving the listener with a feeling that it's in fact not nothing at all. The visual, looking like a live painting, shows Nanna sitting on top of a chess with a wall of dried flowers behind her, singing the song while sensually moving her body as if to remind the leaving lover of what he's missing out on. Shot in Nanna's actual LA apartment on her iphone, the aesthetic leans towards an art performance piece all shot in one shot. 

The song will be part of a upcoming EP, scheduled for release this fall. 

VIA: Office Magazine

kylah benes-trapp