Mereba - Black Truck (VIDEO)

“‘Black Truck’ was born when I was back home in North Carolina working with 9th,” she explains.

“I had been stuck in a whirlwind of surreal challenges in my life, and I think the words came to me to remind me and whoever needed to hear it, that there is glory in just having the guts to try.”

Mereba adds, “The video concept was created by the Durimel brothers. They’re both my spirit family, and we’ve all lost parents recently, them their mother, me my father. We wanted to tell a story that captured the darkness of life’s challenges but also shows gratitude to the ancestors and spirit guides that help people push to get to their glory. I’m putting finishing touches on my upcoming project now, and what I can say is that it touches a lot on this theme of finding your inner strength, and it will be a proper introduction to my full range of expression. I had to go through the jungle to get here, but I’m here, and now there’s no stopping.” - Mereba cc: HB



Directed by Durimel

Produced by Iconoclast

Director of Photography - James Laxton

Executive Producer - Jean Mougin

Production Designer- Audrey Waple

Make Up - Nick London

Stylist - Stefanie Del Papa, Elizabeth Ferrer

Hair - Monique Joseph

Casting Director - Lashawnna Stanley

Editor- Zoe Mougin

Commissioner - Marissa Ramirez

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