Stream '4 Down' puzzled together by Bullion

Artwork by  @braulioamado

Artwork by @braulioamado

Producer Nathan Jenkins also known as @bullionness has put together the fourth installment of his label Deek Recordings cover album series entitled 4 Down. 4 Down was created out of the community that surrounds Bullion’s work as a producer, the idea for the covers compilation was sparked by friendly collaborations with no pressure to write the material.

1.Storm / Joviale 2. Inside Out / Camila Fuchs 3. Making Plans For Nigel / C.A.R. 4. Kathy’s Song / Westerman 5 Fade Into You / System Olympia 6. Easy Way Out / M. T. Hadley 7. Only Over You / Nautic 8. T’en Va Pas / Kiki Kudo / Brian Close (Georgia) 9. Missing You / Kreme 10. Heartbreak Road / Bullion 11 Watching Trees / Nathan Micay|Ben Osborne


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