MUSIC: Let's Talk Cardi & Kali!


Kali Uchis and Cardi B are both set to drop highly anticipated albums this Friday, June 6th.

Who do you think will have higher numbers on the charts?

Kali and Cardi both have two different styles of music. However, both have one thing in common and that is singing/rapping in both english and Spanish. Let's get to know each artist a little more in depth.


KARLY LOAIZA AKA KALI UCHIS is set to drop her 2nd album Isolation this Friday. It has been 3 years since her first album Por Vida dropped which has led her fans to crave the 23 year olds music even more. Kali is a self taught producer, singer, and songwriter who started creating music at a very young age. If you have a thing for oldies  you'll LOVE her. She has such a soothing voice that sounds as if it was reincarnated from the 50's. Over the years Kali has accomplished so much and has collaborated with other artists such as: Jorja Smith, Daniel Caesar, Tyler the Creator, and many others.

However, things weren't always easy for Kali. Just like everyone else Kali has been through her struggles. In high school there were nights when she'd sleep in her car with everything she owned in the trunk of her Subaru. She went to school during the day but once night struck she knew "home" wasn't as comfortable compared to most of her classmates.

Eventually, she pulled through and started working harder than ever. She worked so hard that it eventually paid off and led her to being nominated for 2 Latin Grammys! Kali's music has a way of making individuals feel sexy and confident. Everyone has an alter ego and her name is Kali Uchis. From self directing most of her videos and producing her own music there is no doubt that Kali is more than talented. The samples and instrumentals she chooses to use while combining her voice is truly heaven sent.

When you get a chance try digging around her SoundCloud, you wont regret discovering old gems such as: 1. You Just Wanna Stay, 2. Table for Two, 3. Never Be Yours


BELCALIS ALMANZAR AKA CARDI B is set to drop her first studio album Invasion of Privacy Friday as well. Cardi has released 2 mix tapes following numerous singles including her top hit "Bodak Yellow." Let's start off with this isn't your typical girl from the Bronx. Her style of rapping is raw, honest, and nothing less. Cardi is also the first woman with 5 simultaneous Top 10 hits on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs. Her music has broke boundaries and allowed women and men to feel empowered and confident. Feeling sad? Listen to Cardi. Lacking confidence? Listen to Cardi. Spanish was Cardi's first language which benefited her in the long run. As an artist she is now able to rap/sing in both english and Spanish or as Cardi might say "I'm the trap Selena."

Not only does she carry a personality that most of us have grown to love but she gives individuals the courage to be whoever they please whether they are a stripper, bank teller, rapper, artist, you name it. Do whatever it is you want and do it with CONFIDENCE.


Both artists are releasing 2 albums that they've worked extremely hard on. They both have 2 different styles of music especially with Kali being a singer and Cardi being a rapper. At the end of the day both are amazingly talented women who've worked their ass off. Girl Power!

Written by Celeste Rojas | WEBSITE

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