Spree Wilson - Last Call For Sad Goodbyes (Official Video)

Singer + songwriter Spree Wilson has a new hopeful song and visual about the ups and downs of love. We can all relate to the vulnerability he brings to "Last Call For Sad Goodbyes," in our own experiences with loss, trust, makeups and breakups. 

Here's what he had to say about love:

"Love is incredibly complicated. It's never always black and white..there tend to be lots of gray area that we sometimes don't account for. I wanted to write something from the perspective of sitting in that gray area, while realizing things won't be as cut and dry as I'd hoped they'd be" - Spree Wilson

Artemus Jenkins (Director) Quote:

"My past relationships have all given me the same gift; the opportunity to begin again. in those dying moments, we are forced to deal with the potential of new life and how it can manifest if we open ourselves up to the possibilities"

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