Zachary Murdock - SCØUT THE ALBUM


Crossing genres and states of mind are just the tip of the iceberg for NYC native and LA transplant Zachary Murdock. The poetic visionary has evolved over time, becoming more at peace with his inner self and self-aware of both local and global surroundings. Throughout his time as a developing artist, he was a leading member of the soulful electro-pop group Smokey Robotic, where he discovered his true purpose to stand alone and be a pillar of human truth.

Zachary's rebirth album, SCØUT, is executive produced by Benny Reiner (one of the original cast members of the hit Broadway show Hamilton,) and features production from Red Buttonz, Alberto Bof and Nick Pacoli.  

The album is live on all platforms now ~ Listen: here!


"Motivated by the seemingly destructive spirit of Wild Child, Scøut sets off on a musical journey to find himself, traveling through real and dream worlds, discovering the very thing that terrified him the most was in fact his Friend in disguise."

Check out Zachary's new website: CHANNELTHESUN.COM


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